SoftByte Creations

The founders’ experience in designing and manufacturing one of the first business computers in Melbourne led them to form SoftByte Creations in 1986. SoftByte Creations’ focus is to assist clients in translating their concepts into business reality, using the latest technologies.

SoftByte Creations’ hand-picked team specialise in business development, software creation, product development and production, web design and content, website maintenance and security. With extensive experience in dealing with government agencies, international organisations and forming start-up organisations, SoftByte Creations can help build a strong business from the ground up.

Over the years, SoftByte Creations has successfully completed projects for clients in industries including retail, automotive, medical, defence, online, and information technology. Our clients range from small business to large corporations, not-for-profit organisations, community groups, and individuals. Our dedicated team provide personalised service to each and every client, catering the services provided to suit their individual needs.

SoftByte Creations works with their clients to ensure each project achieves its full potential. From start to finish, SoftByte Creations takes a hands-on approach. With our focus on facilitating innovation and progression, we tailor our services to meet the individual demands of each client, giving us the ability to offer custom-built packages that cater for all budgets.

A division of Copper Systems Pty Ltd
ABN 94 006 775 006